Tours are conducted by Jenny and Pakula during hours of operation. You can stop in whenever it is convenient for you or you can call ahead to schedule a tour. The best time to see all the children and classrooms in action are the hours of 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 3:00-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

After enrollment, we encourage you and your child to spend some time at the daycare before his or her first day. As partners in your child's early childhood years, it is important we get to know you and your child. We can arrange a visitation time for you and your child to come observe and interact with your child's classmates and teachers. We want you to see first-hand the routines of the classroom. This is also an excellent time to answer any of your questions or concerns.

If the age-appropriate program is full to capacity starting the week that you would like your child(ren) to begin care at Gentle Lambs, then you, the parents, have the option of having your child’s name be placed on a waiting list. The list is examined carefully for the next available spot for your child when a full-time or temporary position becomes available. After being contacted, had enjoyed a tour of our fine facility, and decide that Gentle Lambs is the daycare of choice, you will receive a registration packet with a desired date of return and payment of fees in order to guarantee placement. Please see the director, Jenny and assistant director, Pakula, about the GLCC Contract for further details.

Waiting List & Positions to Guarantee

After enrollment, each family signs a contract with Gentle Lambs Childcare Center to establish the hours of care and tuition rates as well as any other agreements.


On or before your child's first day of attendance, please do the following:

Pay the registration fee and your child's first week's tuition

Pay the holding fee if your spot was held

Complete and sign the Gentle Lambs Childcare Center Contract

Complete and sign the Child Enrollment & Health History Form

Complete and sign the Household Size-Income Statement Form

Complete the Gentle Lambs Childcare Center Passcodes Form

Complete the Intake for Child Under 2 Years & Infant Meal Notification Form if child is under 2 years of age

Signed by a physician the Child Health Report Form & Immunization Record or Daycare Immunization Record From

Admission Procedure

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Child Health Report Form

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 Immunization Record Form