We believe that children are a gift from the Lord.

They are to be nurtured and encouraged to grow in faith, grace, and love towards both God and man.

Our objective is to enhance your child’s whole development, in body, soul, and spirit by providing

a safe, cheerful, and loving environment.

Philosophy Statement...

Our classrooms offer a diverse and unique environment accomodated just for the children. There are 4 rooms--the Infant Room, the Toddler Room, the Twos Room, and the Preschool (4K and Preschool combined)--and a big play room in the middle where social play can be done daily.

Each classroom has a Lead or Co-Lead qualified teacher who plans daily activities for their classroom.The teachers adjust their curriculum to the appropriate age level of their children, including a story, circle time, songs, art/ science activity, and large motor exercise. Each room’s allotted time for their curriculum varies.

To keep record of each child’s developments Gentle Lambs has created an evaluation of developmental milestones for ages 0-2 years old. The infants chart is for ages 0-12 months, toddlers chart is for ages 13-24 months, and the two’s chart is for ages 25-36 months. Then in Preschool, we have an evaluation to see if they are kindergarten ready. The preschool evaluations are bi-annually while the infant, toddler and twos evaluations are continuously ongoing till 36 months of age.


Our 50 capacity center has an ideal layout that presents a calm feeling of community. Beside the four individual classrooms we have an area that brings us all together, we call our Big Play Room. It is nearly 1,800 square feet of usable space that is adjacent to all the classrooms as well as the center office, kitchen, and a back exit to the playground. The Big Play Room is used nearly all day long starting first thing in the morning as a multi-age play group, then as an extended classroom where the children come in order to divide their main group for more intimate project times in the classrooms. Later the Big Play Room is for the early nap risers and of course, it's a safe play area for large motor activities area during inclement weather any time of the year.

The BIG Play Room...