What time are we open?

Gentle Lambs Childcare Center is licensed to be open year round, Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We are licensed for children 1 week old to 7 years; essentially the children served are 6-12 weeks to 4-K, with school-age childcare offered only when space is available.

3340 South Kinney Coulee Road

Onalaska, WI 54650

We are located inside Connect Church and just 2 blocks down from Gundersen Lutheran!

Come right inside Connect Church! Follow the signs inside the church to the center!

Find us!

Gentle Lambs is a secured childcare center. We use a security system where personal codes have to be entered in order to enter.

If you have a scheduled tour, please press the bell button on the keypad and an office staff will let you in.

Gentle Lambs parents: if your pin code is not working, please let Jenny or Pakula know and they will assist you. Please let them know ahead of time if someone who is not on your authorized list is going to drop off or pick up your child. Any unauthorized persons is required to show an ID.

Please be advised Gentle Lambs reserves the right to dismiss any unauthorized persons.


Delegation of Authority

1. The President and/or the Administrator is called to assume

authority if in an emergency and in the unexpected absence

of the Director and/or Assistant Director.

2. Each morning, prior to the arrival of the Director the Infant

Room Teacher "Opener" is in charge.

3. Each evening, beyond the departure of the director, the

Assistant Director assumes authority. In the unexpected

absence of the Assistant Director, the Lead Teacher

"Closer" shall be left in charge.